Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I actually found the mirrors on my DR650 to work fine...a rare outcome in my motorcycle experiences. However, I had a fall at the recent Blue Ridge Run in Cruso, North Carolina that put an end to the left side. Bummer...

If that wasn't bad enough, I cut my finger picking up the broken glass and it was a bitch to stop the bleeding. Not even a bruise from the fall, but I cut my finger on the mirror...go figure.

Anyway, the OE replacement was $88.58 (at RMATV) and the clowns on eBay were trying to get $60 for their used mirrors which I'd have paid maybe $20-$25 tops for.

So instead, I landed on a set of DRC Off Road Mirrors (p/n 058-16-110) that I purchased from Pro Cycle for $22.95 each. I liked the KTM-like angle pivot and the ability to flip them right out of the way so they don't get bashed by brush or falls...turns out I need a 4mm key to do that though.

Obviously not as much mirror as the OE. It's got a small amount of outward extension, depending on the angle chosen. My problem with mirrors in the past is that they don't extend out enough to let you see past your shoulders. Since the stockers were okay, these should be okay on that point.

Here they are installed. They look fine. They look the part. The smaller size didn't bother me on my test ride....although for some reason I'm bothered by the fact that they're smaller.

I was certain, based on they were made, that they would vibrate and wouldn't be able to see what's behind. Not the case. They work find....

...and of course the folding feature is good for transporting the bike to rallies.

Damn! I really liked the OE mirrors better than these. Perhaps if I could go back and get a do-over I'd have dug around a little harder for a better priced used replacement. But I am where I am...

I think the DRCs will be okay after a quick run around the neighborhood, but will advise if I have any further issues after a longer trip.

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  1. Check out the Highway Dirt Bikes Ultimate Handguards. I have a 2016 DR650 as well and bought these handguards with the mirrors built into them. One of the best upgrades i've done to it in my opinion.