Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dunlop D606

I've been running Shinko Crossfly E-804/805 on the DR650. I have been very happy with the E-805 rear. I'm not particularly happy with the E-804 in the sand...and we always have to deal with sand on our trails. In fact, while not entirely the tire's fault, I took a fall in May on this bike in a sandy rut and the damage to my knee pretty much screwed up my entire 2016 season.

As I start thinking about the 2017 season, I've decided to bite the bullet and go straight to aggressive 10/90s on both my DR and my KLR650. In the 10/90 category the options are pretty much limited to Dunlop D606, Pirelli MT21 and Kenda K760s.

Among those tires, the D606 seems to be the most popular block knobby and I really want to try them. In between rallys, I'll reinstall the Crossflys, as the D606 will wear down to nothing with too much pavement uses.

I have two sets of D606 coming. Best price was Rocky Mountain ATV, which surprised me because normally Revzilla has the lowest prices.

I can't think of too much else I need to do to get the DR650 trail ready.



A set for the KLR650 and a set for the DR650. I can't wait to take on Devil's Creek on these bad boys.