Friday, February 24, 2017

TDSA Rally

I've signed up for my second 2017 Dual Sport Rally. The 3-day Tennessee Dual Sport Adventure Rally is held March 31-April 2 in Hohenwald, TN (mid-State).

Devil's Creek Rally starts exactly one week from today!

Friday, February 10, 2017

DR650 Side Stand Switch

We're only a couple weeks out now on the first Dual Sport Rally of the season (Devil's Creek) and I'm putting some final touches on the DR650 to have it ready for action. Today I removed the side stand switch.

The side stand switch is a safety device that prevents a motorcycle from being started and operated while the side stand is down. One can be found on virtually all motorcycles. However, they can be a real headache out on the trails. The first problem is that loose branches from the forest trail can force the side stand down enough to engage the switch while on trails. The second problem is that the switch itself is very exposed and susceptible to damage on the trail. You can pull the branches out and continue the rally, but if the switch is damaged the day is over.

Here's a look at the side stand switch on my 2016 Suzuki DR650:

The side stand switch removal is as simple as removing a couple of screws. The cable runs up the frame to a green connector directly behind the fuel tank. A short cut to the side stand switch removal is to jump the two wires and make a continuous open circuit at this location. However, the whole wiring circuit includes a side stand switch relay that should be disabled. It's just an electronic device that is susceptible to failure.

The side stand relay is located under the seat on the left side of the CDI unit.

The wires to the relay are Orange, Orange/black to the flapper and Orange, Green to the electromagnetic coil.

The bypass is to fuse the two wires running to the flap. That is, Orange, Orange/black. That creates a permanent open circuit.

It's an important connection so I soldered the splice before wrap.

Then I wrapped it up tightly...

...and replaced the relay in it's hanger. A quick running of the bike and it would continue to run with the sides stand in the down position and in gear.

I also went back and wrapped the green male-end connector to the side stand switch.

This modification removes the side stand safety feature, which means that the motorcycle can be started in gear and can be operated with the side stand in the down position...both potentially dangerous. There is absolutely no reason to make this modification to either a road bike or a bike used for light trail riding. However, when hitting some serious trails it's a fairly standard modification.