Monday, January 16, 2017

Toy Hauler

My son has operated a mobile bicycle repair business the last two years out of an enclosed 5' x 8' trailer. He just upgraded to a 7' x 12' trailer and he and I decided to take the old trailer and convert it into a toy hauler. We already have a small 4' x 8' utility trailer that I can haul one dual sport bike on. The extra foot on the enclosed trailer will allow us to haul both the DR650 and KLR650 to dual sport rallies, one pointing forward and one pointing rearward.

I'll be building it out over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned...

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Armor FZ-09

As if I didn't have enough blogs going on...have you seen my fishing blog?...I started a new one today: Armor FZ-09. I'm about three days from taking delivery on a 2016 Yamaha FZ-09. After spending 2016 just on dual sports, I was jonesing for a (cheap!) road bike. I think the FZ will take care of that.

The "Armor" is in reference to the armor gray color of this model.