Thursday, June 7, 2018


SOLD JUNE 20, 2018.....

Circumstances have arisen that I have to sell my motorcycles, including my 2016 DR650. I have listed the motorcycle on Cycle Trader and Craigslist. Here is the listing descriptions...

The selling price is $4,250.
The current mileage is 5,195.
The current tires are Dunlop D606 with approximately 80% tread.

A list of accessories and modifications are included along with the photos below:

The front fork springs were replaced with a set of Cogent Springs with a 0.63 spring rate. The stock spring rate was 0.38 that was too mushy for trails. I did not modify the rear suspension.

The rear sub-fender was removed and a ProCycle License Plate Bracket (w/light) was added. See Fender Elim post.

The bar is a ProTaper Contour (1", Reed Bend No. 027925) mounted on a ProTaper Bar Mount Adapter.  New grips and throttle tube were included in the bar upgrade.

The mirrors are DRC 161 Off Road Folding Mirrors.

The hand guards are Trackside.

The bolt heads that you see on the shroud were where a Laminar Lip Low Speed Screen was mounted at one point. The plastic shroud was also reinforced. Ultimately the screen didn't workout too well so I removed it, but the bolts are still there.

The rear rack is a Moose Cargo Rack.

The DR650 does not come equipped with a bash plate. The Bash/Skid Plate I installed is a SW/Motech Brand.

I normally keep a stock of service parts on had and all other items removed, including hardware. The rear passenger pegs and side stand switch are in this pile. I have three spare oil filters and gaskets. I also have replacement brake pads...although the pads do not require replacement.

Not included in the photo above are the stock fork springs and the rear sub-fender that was removed.

Services occurred at 15 (excluding oil and filter), 585, 2688 and 4445.

Valve clearances were adjusted and new spark plugs (x2) were installed at 2688.

I replaced the battery in September 2017.

Sprockets, chain and air filter are all in good condition.

Tires are D606 (10/90 DOT Knobbies) with about 80% tread.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Devil's Creek 2018

Devil's Creek 2018 is in the books.

Here are a few photos from the event.

My son Sam rode the KLR650 and took on the Discovery Track with his girl friend on the back.

I was on my DR650 again this year; third year for our KLR and second year for our DR.

A new friend, Pablo, rode his GEN1 with us. He actually moved it through the sand pretty well with those 50/50 dual sport tires.

The sand is so deep, but living here in Florida, riding in it is second nature. 2-up, no problem.

This was a stop on the Withlacoochee River.

Rocky Bull is joining me on the rally circuit again this year.

Our only carnage during the rally was the KLR650 bar. We got another at a shop in Brooksville and were back on the trail in short order.

Next stop...Hoenwald, Tennessee and the Tennessee Dual Sport Association Spring Rally.