Sunday, July 2, 2017

Blue Ridge Motorcycle Lodge (Facility Rating)

Overall Facility Rating: B

The Blue Ridge Motorcycle Lodge is located in Cruso, North Carolina. My son and I visited the lodge for the first time in connection with the Blue Ridge Run.

The lodge offered cabins and primitive camping. We had hauled our bikes up for the rally thinking that we would stay in the toyhauler and pickup truck (it has a camper cap). However, the camp only provided for that in the muddy parking area out by the street. We were uninterested in that arrangement so we opted for a two bed cabin.

Facilities included a very large lodge room open 24-7 and bath houses with heated showers. The lodge room was very nice. The bath house was uncomfortable with lots and lots of bugs (many spiders and strange things crawling all over). The showers had strange slimy floors but it was okay with my flip flops. If I owned the place I'd go in there with a shop vac and I'd be done with all those bugs. Then I'd put bug zapers or other devices to keep them at bay. I'm serious about this, there were bugs walking around in every sink! Also, a rubber mat in the bottom of the showers would be nice.

The camp meal service was irregular. It appeared that the planned meal service was on or off depending on occupancy levels. Weather during our trip resulted in some cancellations, so many of the meals were cancelled.

No one can complain about the prices at this place. All prices were reasonable to down right cheap. In fact, our two bed cabin price was one-half of what the Ironhorse two bed cabin was.

Overall, the camp is set up for bikers hauling their camping gear on their bikes. You are not even allowed to pull a vehicle in there to unload...although they let us do it when we arrived...but not when we left...and it's about a hundred yards from the camp to the parking! So, if you're trailering or planning to stay in a camper, you may want to look around for someplace else that accommodates that.

Otherwise, the setting is nice, the cabins were very comfortable and the location was pretty good to access many of the great riding areas on the eastern side of the smoky mountains.

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